For more than two decades, Joseph Randazzo has appraised thousands of residential properties for market valuation purposes, a market based conclusion of value for homeowners or potential buyers. Obtaining the most supportable and accurate conclusion of value is extremely important, especially during these times, where each market varies. The benefit of using a Certified Residential Appraiser is to determine the most realistic determination of a homes value. The valuation service provided is typically more accurate than those obtained, for example, via CMA's done by realtors, AVM's utilized by lenders, and web sites that claim they can provide a homeowner with an accurate value. Without an interior inspection of the property by a local certified real estate appraiser, a supportable valuation of your property might not be determined.  Our appraisals include Mortgage ,  Estate Planning and Settlement, Divorce , Bankruptcy, Relocation and  More. We are available any time, 302.858.4983.